Product recall

MCoBeauty have issued a product recall for their Lip Lights Shine Gloss product,sold between the dates 1st October 2023 and 17th April 2024. This is due to the packaging of the product not having the required warning label to advise of the product containing the button/coin batteries which power the in-built LED lights.

There are three relevant batches of Lip Glosses sold to the Australian market since October 2023, namely, Batches A23A07, A23A08, and A23A10.

All of the Lip Lights Shine Gloss batches sold by MCoBeauty failed to indicate the presence of button batteries which are hazard to health if ingested or inserted into the body. So consumers may not be aware that their lip gloss product contains button batteries and not treat them carefully as you would need to with any product containing button batteries.  In addition to not providing adequate safety warnings there was one batch of Lip Lights Shine Gloss product (A23A07) that also failed certain tests designed to identify products that may provide unintentional access to button battery compartments and therefore pose a safety hazard to users.

If a customer has batch A23A07 they should immediately stop using it and keep it away from children.  If misused, the cap has been found to be removable from the battery compartment contained inside the cap. Photos are attached of the cap and the battery compartment removed from each other.

Shelley Sullivan, CEO & Founder of MCoBeauty said:
“Batch A23A07 failed the test as a low force was able to make the battery compartment accessible. Thankfully, the battery compartment itself retained the batteries and they were not found to be released during the test which is on obvious relief to everyone at MCoBeauty as this was our greatest concern when the issue was first raised. Notwithstanding this it is of obvious concern that the battery compartments became accessible at all. They shouldn’t have become accessible and for this we are sorry to any consumer who purchased this product. We should be doing better. The products have been on the market since October 2023 and it was only in April of this year that any issue was raised by consumers. If anyone has the product we recommend that they go to our product recall page and assess the information provided relevant to their batch and get in touch with us if they have one of the affected A23A07 batch of product.”