Midnight Health and L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty Partner for Innovative Acne Treatment Study

Girl with acne cleaning her face with cleanser in the bathroom.Teen girl with pimply face looking in mirror, dermatology problems in young age


Midnight Health, an emerging leader in telehealth solutions, announces a strategic partnership with L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty brands of the L’Oreal Groupe, the globally recognised beauty and skincare company. 


 This collaboration initiates an observational study targeting mild to moderate acne, set to run from March to May 2024. The trial will incorporate La Roche Posay’s specialised skincare products with Midnight Health’s clinical team, technology and consumer platform: hub.health.


 Recognising that acne is a prevalent condition affecting up to 93.3% of teenagers in Australia and carrying significant psychological and social impact, this partnership is timely and vital. 


This partnership reflects a shared commitment to innovative healthcare solutions, combining L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty’s skincare expertise with Midnight Health’s telehealth capability. The study’s limited enrolment emphasises its unique nature, allowing participants to experience advanced skincare products with convenient telehealth services.


“At L’Oreal Dermatological Beauty, we are excited to forge this new partnership with Midnight Health, one of our first within the telehealth space, where innovation meets care. Together, we can bridge the gap between distance and access, combining Midnight Health’s healthcare expertise and our passion for skincare solutions directly to the fingertips of patients,” said Samantha Russell – Medical Director, L’Oreal Dermatological Beauty. 


By combining L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty’s skincare innovations with Midnight Health’s telehealth technology, this study aims to offer new insights into acne treatments. 


Participants will have access to the latest skincare advances with the benefits of telehealth support and treatments delivered to their door, providing a potentially effective and convenient treatment option.


Given that acne is associated with significant psychological morbidity and can severely affect quality of life, the potential impact of this trial is immense. Acne not only imposes a high cost on patients and the community through prolonged treatment courses and lower employment rates but also affects school and work performance. With GPs in Australia recording acne as a concern in 0.4 of every 100 consultations, the relevance of this study to general practice cannot be overstated.


Midnight Health is dedicated to enhancing healthcare delivery through technology. Partnering with L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty, a leader in skincare, reinforces our commitment to this goal. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of this study and continuing to innovate in the healthcare space.