Garnier commits to ‘Green Beauty’

Garnier commits to 'Green Beauty'

Beauty brand, Garnier, has released its first ever Sustainability Progress Report, outlining its commitment to reduce its global environmental impact by 2025.

The Sustainability Progress forms a key part of Garnier’s Green Beauty Initiative, a complete end-to-end approach to sustainability.

The ‘Green Beauty’ targets that Garnier has set out to achieve by 2025 include:

  • Plastic and packaging: Garnier will aim to use Zero Virgin Plastic in all packaging and all packaging will be either reusable, recyclable or compostable.
  • Product and formula: By 2022, all plant-based and renewable ingredients will be sustainably sourced and by 2025, 100% of Garnier’s new products will have an improved environmental profile.
  • Factories and manufacturing: By 2025 ensure industrial sites are 100% carbon neutral through the use of renewable energy.
  • Solidarity sourcing: By 2025 Garnier aims to have empowered 800 communities worldwide as part of their Solidarity Sourcing program.

“Green Beauty will transform the way we do business,” says Garnier Global Bran President, Adrien Koskas.

“Developed with the help of our partners, researchers and customers, this initiative highlights a range of ambitious goals, underpinned by tangible targets.

“We pledge to lesson our impact on the planet and innovate for a sustainable future.

“It will take time, but Green Beauty will transform Garnier, and we hope the beauty industry as a whole.”

While Garnier has been committed to sustainability for years, they want to go a step further through this initiative, to shift the way the beauty industry operates and to lead the change for everyone.

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