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PATY Finalist: Meet Jack Wales, ACT

Discount Pharmacy, Macquarie

How does it feel to be awarded the State Finalist for ACT?

It feels very surreal. I’m keen to embrace the opportunities the award offers. It’s been quite a journey already, but my work is far from finished! In the coming days, I’m hoping to focus on my strengths, and demonstrate all the reasons why I was the state finalist.

Can you give a brief overview of your career in pharmacy?

Working in a retail/clinical setting wasn’t something I initially planned for, but I’m finding that with time, pharmacy is a career that’s grown on me. In terms of my own career path, it’s mostly been working in a combination of front of the counter and behind the counter work. I have worked in pharmacy for three to four years now. I have completed my S2/S3 training and I am working towards the dispensary qualification.

Why is being a pharmacy assistant important to you?

I want to reinforce a certain standard for myself, both in helping others and working efficiently. The pharmacy is the perfect environment for developing these skills. There’s also the satisfaction that stems from helping customers. In my line of work, I see people at their worst. As part of my work, I do my best to make them feel better.

What do you have planned for the future?

This conference has opened a lot of new paths for me, regardless of whether I am selected for the national title. I’m currently content working in my current role, though a more managerial minded position might help impart some of my experiences to others! I’m looking to complete my dispensary training as well, to increase the capacity in which I can assist customers and staff at my branch.


Retail Pharmacy Assistants magazine wishes Mr Wales the best of luck at the PATY Awards commencing on October 12.


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