In the loop with the lip oil trend

Beauty trends are constantly emerging hot and fast through a combination of factors, such as social media and makeup and skincare being among the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Brands, as well as consumers, look at what industry leaders are doing at the top and can replicate trends on a smaller scale, such as in a pharmacy.

The current lip trend taking the world by storm, lip oil, is no different, with influencers and celebrity brands such as Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner and Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez paving the way for the much-loved shiny, colourful lip oil ranges now in vogue.

Retail Pharmacy Assistants looks at what the creators are doing and how pharmacy assistants can help their customers follow suit. 

Lip oil versus lip gloss versus lipstick 

While a lip oil produces a similar shine to a gloss, it does so without leaving traces of stickiness, which means no longer does wind-blown hair stick to lips. As Vogue Australia reported, lip oils are infused with pigments that offer an intense colour, much like that produced by a lipstick, but leave a shiny finish.1

Among the benefits of lip oils are hydration and nourishment of the skin, which most beauty products with oils deliver.1 The hydration of lips (perfect for cooler months) that oils achieve is long-lasting, unlike with many lipsticks.

Influencers and brands shine the way 

One of the most innovative products arriving in this beauty space recently was the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil. Stocked only at Sephora, it comes in ‘high shine’ and ‘matte’ versions.2

The product is promoted as “an innovative gel-to-oil formula that starts glossy and leaves lips tinted while staying comfortable, never sticky, all day”.2

Users are instructed to “swipe over bare lips, adding layers as desired” and “for an even fuller, defined look, first line lips with [Rare Beauty’s] Kind Words Matte lip liner (sold separately)”.2

Kylie Cosmetics’ glossy Lip Oil is said to deeply hydrate and comfort, “leaving your lips looking smooth and naturally plumped” with “the rich, conditioning texture” combining “the shine of a lip gloss with the moisture-sealing effects of a balm”.3

Lip oils in pharmacy

Pharmacies provide consumers with easy access to a wide range of products, including makeup. The following brands have developed lip oil ranges that offer on-trend glossy, plumping, hydrating effects, with the products stocked in Aussie pharmacies:

  • MCoBeauty – Lip Oil Hydrating Treatment.
  • Revlon – Kiss Glow Lip Oil.
  • Australis – Lip Glaze.
  • Nyx – Fat Lip Drip Oil.
  • Revolution – Glaze Lip Oil

Tips for pharmacy assistants 

When presented with a customer looking for a new lip product, seeking answers to these questions will help you in recommending suitable options:

  • What finish are they looking for? Glossy or matte? Lip oils have the power to provide either finish.
  • Are their lips dry? If a customer is suffering from extremely dry lips, you should recommend the most hydrating product, and even suggest they first put on a separate, powerful lip balm.
  • How bright do they want their lips to be? If the consumer wants a strong pop of colour, then suggesting a lip liner to apply before the oil will help achieve this look.


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This feature was originally published in the July issue of RPA e-magazine.