Young Aussies turn to wellness

New data released by Bupa has revealed how younger Australians are prioritising their health and wellbeing with good teeth, treatments to soothe sore backs and feet, and caring for their mental health ranking highly.

In the past 12 months, Bupa’s younger millennials and older Gen Z’s aged between 18 to 34 received almost $656 million in combined claims benefits for hospital and extras.

Based on the number of claims, dental topped the list of extras for younger members followed by physiotherapy, chiropractic, remedial massage and optical, and one customer with ambulance cover received a claim benefit of more than $14,000.

Bupa’s hospital claims data claimed between April 2023 to April 2024 shows average individual claim benefits for those who needed back, neck and spine procedures reached almost $12,000. Joint reconstructions had average payouts of almost $5000 and those who needed operations for hernias and appendectomies received more than $4000.

Claims for mental health support were also common for hospital and extras categories, where it came in as the ninth most used extra service.

Bupa Health Insurance Managing Director Chris Carroll said within an environment of cost-of-living challenges, young Aussies continued to take out health insurance in growing numbers, even surpassing other traditional and older cohorts.

“We’re continuing to see young Australians taking charge of their individual health and wellbeing based on what good health means to them,” Mr Carroll said.

“They are investing in preventative health such as dental hygiene, mental wellbeing and muscular-skeletal as they realise its critical to their health and to stay well.


“Some of our younger members have also seen firsthand the importance of private health insurance to support treatment and recovery from serious injuries on the sporting field, a burst appendix or even an accident on an e-Scooter.

“One of our members received a claim benefit of more than $30,000 for a knee replacement, while a customer who underwent treatment for their back, neck and spine received a claim benefit of almost $12,000. Having ambulance cover as part of their extras also saved one young member a bill of more than $14,000.”