Glowing skin, with a sip of collagen

By now, most consumers and pharmacy staff have most likely heard of collagen, but what is it known for and how can it be consumed? In this month’s issue of Retail Pharmacy Assistants magazine we take a look at this not-so-secret beauty ingredient.

“Working in pharmacy, I have found since the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been more focused on skincare than ever before,” says Pharmacy Assistant, Kenya Broad.

“I believe this trend will continue as people are spending more time at home and with more and more people working from home now, they have time to focus on their skin care and overall body health.”

This sentiment is agreed with by CEO of Beforeyouspeak Coffee Mel Kenneday, who says that this trend is only the beginning.

“As we enter a more health-conscious age, there is a huge demand for great tasting, low calorie and natural supplements that promote health and beauty from within and we were fortunate enough to have predicted this when Beforeyouspeak was launched four years ago.”

What are the benefits?  

“When people think of collagen products, they simply believe it is solely to improve skin health including hydration, elasticity, wrinkle reducing, acne and other skin conditions. This is correct, collagen is mostly used and advertised for this purpose; however, collagen can be taken for so much more than just your skin,” says Ms Broad.

“It can assist with heart health, gut health, hair and nails, brain health and prevent bone loss.”

“Did you know your bones are made up of most collagen? Collagen keeps them strong, and gives them structure.”

Beforeyouspeak predicted years ago that beauty would expand to consumable products.

In fact, the coffee brand has a flavour of coffee dedicated to collagen.

“The Beforeyouspeak Glow Collagen Coffee has been one of our best sellers since its launch in 2019 – as there is nothing overly appealing about taking pills and powder people loved how enjoyable it was to consumer collagen and other skin-loving vitamins and minerals, all in their delicious morning cup of coffee,” Ms Kenneday says.

To learn more about the benefits of collagen, and the positive impact it has on skincare,  read the full article as seen in the March issue of Retail Pharmacy Assistants magazine:

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