Reverse summer hair damage

The silly season may be behind us, but the damage that fun in the sun may have caused could still be of concern for many Aussies who spent time celebrating through summer. The sun has the power to damage hair in different ways, so for those that come into a pharmacy looking for the best haircare advice, RPA offers tips to help those seeking to revive hair affected by sun exposure.

Sun’s impact on hair
 According to many hair experts, the sun can harm people’s scalp and hair by destroying the structure and depleting protective oils.1 Additionally, UV rays can cause dryness, brittleness and make hair texture feel rougher.2

Chlorine and bleach in pool water also cause hair dryness and damage through oxidation, similar to UV light exposure. 2

 While everyone is exposed to the potential dangers of the sun, people with fine or thin hair can be more susceptible to sun damage, especially if the hair is of a lighter shade, whether brunette or blonde.3 Darker or thicker hair is more often oilier, so able to protect the scalp and the hair’s cuticles.3

Revival tips
Avoid styling utensils that use heat.Even on a good day, heated styling can cause harm to your hair, so if hair is already damaged from the heat, it’s likely that this kind of styling will create even more damage.

 Use a hydrating hair mask. An intensive hydrating mask can help restore moisture and softness to hair. It’s best to leave in hydrating masks for at least five minutes before rinsing with cool water, so the full effect of the mask can be achieved.

 Book in a haircut. For some, the damage may be too much to revive, and the only option will be to visit a professional for a haircut and trim off the damaged ends to start afresh.

 Hydrate hair with a serum. Serums can be another good product to add moisture and hydration to damaged hair.

 Use an overnight mask. For that extra boost of hydration, sleeping with an overnight mask can help with damaged hair as it will work its magic while you sleep. The type of overnight mask needed will depend on how damaged the hair is.



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This article was first published in RPA March