Glow for it!

How to look after your skin this winter

Keeping skin hydrated all through winter can be a challenge, but it’s well worth achieving. Here, we offer some tips your customers may already know about and others that may be new to them for realising this important goal and presenting with ideally glowing skin.

Those with sensitive skin know that when winter comes around it’s time to switch their regular skin care products to high-powered, moisture-filled treatments that can prevent that red, dry, flaky skin from taking over their body.

To achieve a glow during winter, the beast of dry skin must be tamed for the desired results. The following are suggestions pharmacy assistants can make to help their customers get the most out of winter with a hydrating skincare regime.

Moisturise and quickly 

It’s not enough to tell someone to moisturise once a day. To prevent dry skin, they should moisturise their entire body straight after a shower so the skin can absorb the hydrating ingredients.1 They should also ensure that, throughout winter, a thicker moisturiser is used than a normal, light summer cream.1

For those following a more advanced skincare routine, the moisturiser should be applied after an oil or hydrating serum, which goes on after a shower.

Switch to hydrating products 

It may sound dramatic, but a reassessment of all existing skin care products is good advice. Not all products are made to keep skin protected, hydrated and glowing through winter. Using a hydrating cleanser at the end of the day is important, while moisturiser should be thick and heavy to quench the skin’s extra thirst.1

Another helpful and hydrating product that can be found at any pharmacy is a hydrating mist. Mists and sprays are perfect for the beginning and end of the day to create another layer on top of the moisturiser.

Exfoliate dry skin away 

It’s best to exfoliate dead, flaky skin away before following up with a rich and thick moisturiser.1 (Gently) scrubbing away dead skin will expose the new layer, which can automatically be lathered with a hydrating cream.

Keep up the sunscreen 

It may be cold outside, perhaps overcast, and certain days may seem gloomy, but this doesn’t mean sun care should be eased. We live in Australia, which means the sun is genuinely out to get us, and even through winter we must protect ourselves to ensure the harsh UV rays don’t burn our already dry skin.1

Hydrate the insides 

Keeping up water intake can dramatically help retain hydration, including in the skin.1 Every person should be drinking between eight and 10 cups of water per day to maintain hydration levels.1 An easy hack is always having a water bottle handy, whether going to the shops, to a friend’s place, to the couch or to bed. Those who have a water bottle with them are pretty sure to sip from it wherever they are. 


The following are high on the list of what to avoid during winter to prevent dry skin:

  • Too-hot showers. This is a tricky one. Who doesn’t love a piping hot shower when it’s freezing outside, and maybe inside? However, those trying to avoid dry, flaky skin must opt for a lukewarm shower.2 Hot showers can strip the skin of natural oils that help moisturise it, which may explain those red blotches that may show up when stepping out of the bathroom.2
  • Irritating products. This one may seem like a given, but it’s worth making clear. If a product is burning or tingling the skin, most likely the product isn’t good for it.2 To determine how certain skin care products will affect the skin, a patch test on the hand should always be carried out.
  • Indoor heating. For those in very cold climates, it’s hard to avoid home heating, but those who manage to go without will benefit greatly, as indoor heating removes moisture from the air and can dry out the skin.2


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This feature was originally published in the May issue of Retail Pharmacy Assistants e-magazine.