Natures Organics unveils latest sustainable packaging

Natures Organics has launched a new green bottle for its OC Naturals Hand and Body Wash range, which is said to be free from carbon black tint, making it 100% recyclable.

Natures Organics has long been committed to developing and manufacturing quality products that have the lowest possible environmental impact, with the company said to pride itself on being one of the very few Australian-owned manufactures of scale that produces both products and bottles on site, according to Natures Organics Personal Care Marketing Manager, Elise Synnott.

“Natures Organics is committed to using a minimum of 95% rPET within its packaging and we ensure all bottles are fully recyclable to support our ‘endless bottle philosophy’,” says Ms Synnott.

“It’s an idea that encourages the use of recycled plastic within packaging, which can be recycled into new bottles over and over again.”

‘Clarity degradation compromised the previous design’

Reportedly, the decision to develop an alternative packaging solution for OC Naturals bottles came after the brand started experiencing continued degradation in the clarity of clear rPET (recycled plastic), which was previously used in the company’s former transparent bottles.

As a result of the clarity degradation the company began developing a new bottle design using degraded clarity (darker) rPET and a pigment free from carbon black.

“We want our customers to be proud to sue and display our products in the home, but unfortunately the clarity degradation compromised the previous design,” says Ms Synnott.

“While a black- and amber-tinted bottle would have solved OC Naturals clarity problem, most dark plastics contain carbon black pigment making them impossible to be detected through the sorting process and therefore will not be recycled into future bottles.

“Choosing to use degraded clarity (darker) rPET within the new design also provided us with the opportunity to save tonnes of plastic from landfill – with any clarity irregularities hidden by the bottle green tint.

“100% recyclable and made from an impressive 97% rPET, the result is a green bottle that creates the perfect visual representation of Natures Organics’ green philosophy.”

‘Innovation is important to reduce our environmental impact’

Natures Organics’ commitment to sustainability is said to extend to every aspect of its business.

In addition to having each bottle manufactured on site, it’s said the company also uses sustainable energy sources, in a bid to further reduce its carbon emissions.

“Natures Organics know how important recycling is, but regardless of the amount of plastic that is currently being recycled there is a long way to go in terms of reducing Australia’s plastic waste,” says Ms Synnott.

“Innovation is important to further reduce our environmental impact and right now we’re looking at how OC Naturals products can support refillable pouches, similar to the system already in place for our Cove Cleaning products.

“These pouches would help reduce plastic waste by up to 80% and can be conveniently recycled the same way shoppers currently return their plastic grocery bags.”