Help for families coping with drug and alcohol harms


The Morrison Government is reportedly launching a new information portal, which will provide vital information and support for Australians seeking help for family members and friends with alcohol and drug related issues.

Developed by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF), Path2Help is a new information and support pathways directory that contains more than 7000 services nationwide for Australians who may need information for themselves or their loved one about alcohol and other drug use.

Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt, says Path2Help will help guide a person to the most appropriate services and information to meets their needs wherever they are.

“Many Australians don’t know where to turn for help or what questions to ask when they or a loved one have substance abuse, misuse or addiction problems,” says Minister Hunt.

“Path2Help will make navigating the system easier and will provide Australians with information and resources to help understand alcohol and other drug use, learn how to start difficult conversations with their loved ones and links to facts about drug use.”

Funded as part of the 2019-20 Budget, the Morrison Government provided the ADF with a $3.9 million grant to implement a number of activities, including the development of the Path2Help portal.

The Path2Help directory is Australia’s first online help seeker tool to provide tailored recommendations of the right support services and information based on your needs and circumstances.

Path2Help can be found at