How to navigate a career and parenthood


Navigating a career and parenthood requires a balancing act unlike any other – it’s hard work and takes ruthless efficiency and impeccable time management.

According to Rebecca Klodinsky, Designer and Founder of celebrity-swimwear brand IIXIIST, while motherhood and entrepreneurship have been a roller coaster of ups and downs, being a mum has been the greatest asset in helping her grow as an entrepreneur.

Pictured: Rebecca Klodinsky

It’s taught her how to be compassionate, and patient, and to see the beauty in all the lessons life has to offer, especially the hard ones.

Ms Klodinksy, who credits her nine years running a successful brand to understanding that there is no such thing as “normal”, says that obstacles are everywhere in both motherhood and entrepreneurship. What works for one person won’t work for the other.

She says that in both business and parenthood you need to keep moving and pivoting until you find what works.

When something doesn’t feel right, try the next best option.

Choosing that next best option will do one of two things: it will give you the clarity to move forward or the confirmation to close the door, and try again.

Tips for navigating a career and parenthood 

As someone who has juggled a career and parenthood, Ms Klodinksy shares her top tips on achieving both family and career success.

  • Take Care Of Yourself

Ms Klodinksy says that “entrepreneurs and parents are often terrible at taking care of themselves”.

“They pride themselves on working long hours and barely leaving their desks, being early for school pick-ups, minimising screen time and everything in between,” she says. 
“Raising children and running a business are important jobs, and looking after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally helps you do those jobs well.
“You need to fill up your own cup, so you can pour it into others. Simple things like scheduling daily “me time”, exercise, learning to say no and nourishing your body properly can do wonders.”
  • Mum Guilt Is Real, But It Doesn’t Make It True

“Guilt means different things to different people – a random bouquet of emotions that are as varied and motley as the next,” says Ms Klodinsky.

“However, when it comes to parent guilt, chances are you actually haven’t done anything wrong.

“Collectively, this makes a strong case: if everyone feels guilty, there is no other “better” parent to compare ourselves to.

“The truth is while parenthood is beautiful it can also be a mess.

“No real change is possible until working parents stop trying to be all things to all people—perfect at work, perfect as partners, and perfect as parents, with each role kept entirely separate.” 

  • There Is Always A Bigger Obstacle Ahead

“Whether it’s your career, your home life or your past; we have all gone through hardship in our lives at some point and almost on a daily basis we have to overcome obstacles,” says Ms Klodinsky.

“Obstacles are the stumbling blocks along the way and moving past them will allow you to accomplish your goals. It’s not an understatement to say that every success comes with challenges. Learning to navigate through them is essential.”

  • No One Cares About Your Business As Much As You Do

“Hard truth: no one cares about your business as much as you. It’s harsh but true,” says Ms Klodinsky.

“Sure, you have some people in your life who take particular interest and help when you need them, but they don’t care about it nearly as much as you do.
“Operating in life with the fear of failure is not an effective way to make decisions. How will you look? What will people think? Living in this constant state of anxiety can make you busy as hell yet accomplish nothing.
“Find what makes you happy, work hard, and live fearlessly.
“If you screw up, no one cares. Neither should you.”
  • Trust Yourself
“If you’re going to trust one person, let it be yourself,” says Ms Klodinsky.
“People who trust themselves stay true to their values and beliefs, regardless of their situation.
“They know they are capable of overcoming obstacles and surviving difficulties.
“Whether it be in business or motherhood, being aware of your emotions and thoughts will allow you to make better decisions.”