Priceline Pharmacy launches campaign promoting inclusivity

In a bid to combat rising ageism in Australia and to promote inclusivity, 27 February 2020 marks the launch of Priceline Pharmacy’s Festival of You, a campaign that aims to encourage more accurate representation of women and to celebrate women of all ages.

This is in light of recent findings that ageism is alive and well in Australia.

According to the research, which was commissioned by Priceline Pharmacy, only 12% of women over the age of 40 feel accurately and adequately represented in the media and society today.

Of the 1012 women aged 40+ included in the study, 75% reported feeling like they are treated differently from their younger counterparts.

“There is a contradiction which occurs as women age,” Martha Tsakalos, Psychologist at the Indigo Project explains.

“On one hand, with age comes increased acceptance, confidence and positivity.

“But what women see day-to-day in the media and advertising doesn’t represent the way they look or feel, leading to feelings of tension and incongruence.”

Ms Tsakalos adds that the media stereotyping leaves women feeling “misunderstood, misrepresented and frustrated”.

“It just does not do justice and reflect who they are.”

Priceline’s Festival of You

In response to the findings, Priceline Pharmacy is launching the Festival of You campaign today to encourage more accurate female representation in the media.

Priceline Pharmacy Ambassadors, Ita Buttrose, Chrissie Swan, Tanya Hennessy, Sarah Jane Adams and Olivia Rogers will lead the campaign.

“I feel more confident, powerful and vital now than I ever did in my 20s,” Chrissie Swan says. “Maturing is something to be wholeheartedly celebrated and I think women should be able to do that together. Visibly. And with joy.”

Not one size fits all

Sophie Smith, Head of Marketing at Priceline Pharmacy, emphasises that Priceline understands that when it comes to beauty, health and wellness, it’s not one size fits all.

“Priceline wants to celebrate the uniqueness of all women, regardless of age.”

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