How to Achieve a 100% Sell-Through on Gift … Without Losing Margin

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Beware of being lured by the promise of high margins and then being left with dead stock. High margins at the start are quickly eroded by the need to discount out and eventually give away dead stock.

Companies offering fashion, gift and jewellery to build your Gift Category need to partner with your business to assist is sell-through.

Choose companies who assist in the whole process. Companies that offer good quality merchandise, delivered in a timely manner; who provide excellent customer support; recognise pharmacy staff by way of incentives and deliver on a guarantee of a 100% sell-through.

Trusted pharmacy brand for more than 12 years

Serendipity Designs Jewellery is an excellent example of working with pharmacies across Australia.

Serendipity Designs Jewellery has been a trusted pharmacy brand for more than 12 years.

The brand has never knocked back a credit for faulty merchandise or asked a retailer to special any product out or charged freight for stock being delivered or returned, and it incentivises pharmacy staff and customers.

Serendipity Designs Jewellery makes the business of retailing jewellery easy and risk-free.

100% changeover every 12 weeks

Serendipity Designs Jewellery is a small family business run by Ian and Hilary McKenzie in Melbourne.

Ian says: “It has been challenging times since Covid-19 hit but thinking outside of the square, we streamlined the delivery and return process allowing all stockists to do a 100% exchange of all their jewellery every 12 weeks at no cost to the pharmacy.

“It makes sense. Pharmacy customers visit their pharmacy regularly, and they get bored of the same old gift offering day after day.

“So, we take on the responsibility of keeping the jewellery offering fresh and exciting. We have loyal customers hanging out for the next exchange, and some have become good friends of Serendipity with personal contact with our team.”

Driving online customers to your door

Our latest initiative has been received very well. Any customer buying a piece of our jewellery online is sent a 30% discount voucher redeemable only at their nearest stockist.

This drives the customer back into the store, yet services them online should they be looking for something different to the store offerings. Of course, all vouchers redeemed are fully compensated by Serendipity Designs Jewellery.

Staff Incentives

Oh, and by the way, Serendipity Designs Jewellery value the excellent work by the front-line team at all our pharmacies – all our pharmacy staff get a piece of jewellery of their choice for every 12 pieces sold. This rewards the hard-working staff, and who doesn’t like a bit of bling?

Serendipity Designs Jewellery is the fastest growing jewellery brand in pharmacy, and if you are quick, and if available, you can secure an ‘exclusive stockist’ status for your region.

Why not put us to the test?

Ask us about our limited trial program for qualifying pharmacies and in the meantime, check out our website where you will find a small sample of the thousands of designs available for you to stock in your pharmacy.


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Text and feature image by: Mac Brands