Pharmacy Guild backs the Prime Minister’s call for calm

Media Release 

19 March 2020

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia Senior National Vice President and Queensland President Professor Trent Twomey has strongly backed calls by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, for Australians to stop stockpiling medicine and to not abuse frontline staff.

“Stockpiling of medication is absolutely unnecessary and if it doesn’t stop, it may cause shortages of medicine,” Professor Twomey says.

“If we continue to see stockpiling of medicines, and people purchasing more than they need, this will cause dire consequences as people will not be able to access critical medication when they need to.

“The behaviour we have seen is absolutely ridiculous. It is un-Australian. And it is putting other people’s health at risk. That is totally unacceptable,” Professor Twomey says.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is in frequent contact with Health Minister Greg Hunt, drug manufacturers, and the TGA regarding medication stock levels.

“If your community pharmacy does not have medication in stock, it is likely to be on its way from the manufacturer, or the warehouse. If you urgently need medication, your pharmacist will help you find stock elsewhere,” Professor Twomey says.

Professor Twomey echoed the Prime Minister’s comments to stop hoarding medications, to do the right thing by each other and to not abuse frontline health workers such as pharmacists and pharmacy assistants.

“Sadly we have seen pharmacists being abused and assaulted in their workplaces when they have asked people to not hoard products.

“Community pharmacists are frontline health professionals helping Australians through this crisis, and this appalling behaviour from some people in the community is totally unacceptable,” Professor Twomey said.

“Pharmacies are open for business and here to help Australians. The Prime Minister said it best in a press conference today when he said to ‘stop hoarding. Just stop it. It’s not who we are. It’s ridiculous. Do the right thing by each other. Don’t abuse staff’ and I couldn’t agree more,” Professor Twomey says.

Source: The Pharmacy Guild of Australia – Queensland Branch