PATY Finalist: Meet Kane Forbes, Vic

Casterton Pharmacy

How does it feel to be a State Winner? You’ve mentioned in a previous interview that you were lost for words, is this because you weren’t expecting it?

 It’s very nice to receive everyone’s kind words and accolades towards me but there are definitely people in my position that would be just as worthy winners. I am not normally someone who gets shy or nervous when talking in front our crowds as I do it so often. When you get a room full of so many talented and passionate people, bouncing ideas off each other you forget that it is a contest. To be a winner of a state for such a great award is an honour and a privilege.

Can you give an overview of your career in pharmacy?

I was lucky enough to get a job at the pharmacy here in Casterton which is where I grew up and did all my schooling, not knowing exactly what it would entail or what the role meant. The careers teacher at the time thought that getting a job at a pharmacy would be a good idea for me to help with men’s health and also because of my sporting background, because I do love my sports.

Growing up, have you always wanted to work in the health professional world?

No not at all. My passion is helping people and through my teenage years I was lucky enough to coach junior sporting teams. The satisfaction you get by helping someone learn and improve was something that I really enjoyed, which lead me into deciding to become a primary school teacher.

What do you have planned for the future?

I am actually in the process of starting a business (The Drinks Cart – please look it up on social media) with my girlfriend but that is an on-the-side project. So unless that really takes off I can’t see myself anywhere else. If I am lucky enough to win the National title I dare say it will be a different story.


Retail Pharmacy Assistants magazine wishes Mr Forbes the best of luck at the PATY Awards commencing on October 12.