New program to assist Medibank and ahm customers

In a bid to support customers throughout the COVID-19 crisis, a health and wellbeing program called COVID-19 Health Assist has been developed by Medibank.

The program will be offered to all Medibank and ahm customers.

Medibank Chief Customer Officer, David Koczkar says that because this is a time to look out for the most vulnerable in the community, the highest level of support will go to these customers – people aged 70 plus, those with chronic health conditions or who have recently been in hospital, as well as customers diagnosed or recovering from COVID-19.

“We have the expertise and capability throughout Medibank and ahm to make a difference, and now is the time to bring this all together into one single program to support our customers at a time when they need it most,” Mr Koczkar adds.

“It is a stressful and uncertain time for everyone, and particularly for those who are more vulnerable and need extra support.”

How it will work

A team of health professionals from Medibank are expected to proactively reach out to vulnerable members to offer a review of their physical, mental and social needs.

From here, an individual support package will be customised.

Services available

Clinical serves may include:

  • Home services;
  • Medication advice;
  • Home support.

Practical services will include the delivery of meals, groceries and medications.

Members with COVID-19

Customers recovering from COVID-19 will have access to home-based respiratory rehab where clinically appropriate.

Those with moderate COVID-19 symptoms will be supported through remote monitoring and surveillance of clinical indicators such as temperature, pulse rate, respiration and blood pressure.

Support for all members

Health and wellbeing expertise will also be available to members and includes access to 24/7 Nurse and Mental Health Support lines, alongside scheduled check-ins to ensure customers feel safe and connected.

Medibank and ahm customers will be supported through regular communications and referrals from health professionals and Medibank’s telehealth and homecare divisions.

“Every company in Australia has an important role to play in supporting their customers during this difficult period.

“This is an opportunity to use our scale and expertise to broaden the contribution to our Medibank and ahm customers, and look after them through Australia’s greatest health crisis in a century,” Mr Koczkar says.

Possible program expansion

Medibank hopes to play an even larger role in the nation’s response to COVID-19 and is in discussions with other public and private payors, funders and providers about offering key elements of this program to more Australians.