Brianne Lowe takes top spot at PATY 2019

A mother, a wife and now Pharmacy Assistant of the Year winner – Brianne Lowe has taken home the prestigious award back to Charlestown, New South Wales.

The passionate, high-energy pharmacy assistant from HealthSAVE Pharmacy attended the Pharmacy Assistants National Conference alongside the other State Winners with great enthusiasm.

“The opportunity to work with such amazing people, to learn and grow, I can honestly say I’ve learnt something from every one of you,” she said looking at the group of State Winners.

“I wish we had the opportunity to work with each other every year.”

It was a tough competition this year, so much, that for only the second time in its history the Pharmacy Guild selected a runner up.

Second place was awarded to Kane Forbes from Casterton Pharmacy, Victoria.

Ms Lowe thanked the sponsors of the event, those who nominated her, and her husband: “I want to thank my husband who isn’t here tonight, he’s at home raising our future Queen… and he does an amazing job.”

The speech given by Ms Lowe, was thoughtful and empowering as she emphasised the importance of women lifting up other women.

“When women help support other women, amazing things happen, there’s so much room for us all to be successful.”

Ms Lowe concluded by encouraging others to participate in future events, “If you’re a pharmacy assistant and wanting to be involved, please do it, we want to meet you, we want to hear from you”.

The Pharmacy Assistant of the Year winner walked away from the podium, and into the arms of her fellow State Winners who all congratulated and welcomed her in with a group hug.

Retail Pharmacy Assistants magazine are proud sponsors of the conference and were more than happy to donate $500 to the winner, and $250 to each State Winner.


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(L-R: Emilie Dalwood, Catherine Brandis, Bradley Miller, Brianne Lowe, Kane Forbes, Suzanna Calder, Bridgette Atkinson, Jack Wales)