Help for pharmacists affected by floods


Community pharmacists affected by the ongoing flood crisis in NSW are reminded that the Pharmacy Guild of Australia is there to provide help and advice when needed. 

NSW Branch President of the Guild, David Heffernan, says that during a crisis many people feel isolated and alone. 

“I want to assure all Guild members that we are here to help in any way we can,” he says. 

“We know some pharmacies are underwater, others are without power, and yet others are cut off from vital supply chains so cannot get their medicines. 

“Regardless of the issue, we will try to provide all the assistance we can.” 

Mr Heffernan also reminds pharmacists about the provisions of continued dispensing arrangements during the floods. 

“These arrangements allow pharmacists to continue dispensing most medicines during a crisis even if the patient does not have a prescription,” he says. 

“During an emergency, this is often the case. People evacuate their homes at short notice and don’t take their prescriptions, or the prescriptions are lost or damaged by the floodwaters.” 

Mr Heffernan asks other community pharmacists who could help their colleagues affected by the floods to contact the NSW Guild Branch on 13 Guild (13 484 53). 

“These pharmacies are damaged or are out of stock, they can’t get supplies or staff, and yet are desperately still trying to help their communities. Anything you can do to help will be invaluable to them in their efforts,” he says.  

“Many of these pharmacies are short-staffed as pharmacy staff are cut off by the floods and those that are able to open are overwhelmed.” 

Mr Heffernan says the affected pharmacies should call SES on 132 500, or 000 in emergencies, for help. 

“Also, I encourage them to listen to their local ABC Radio for emergency updates,” he says.