Painaustralia welcomes newest Pain Champion

Award-winning author, documentary producer, host and advocate, Tara Moss has been announced as the latest Pain Champion for Painaustralia.

The announcement came at an event held recently to launch Painaustralia’s Parliamentary Friends of Pain Management Group.

“Painaustralia is thrilled to welcome Tara Moss as our newest Pain Champion,” says Painaustralia Chairman, Em Professor Ian Chubb.

“Having a high-calibre advocate like Tara who has lived experience of chronic pain will resonate with many Australians and encourage national conversations and understanding.”

Ms Moss, whose work bring advocacy and visibility to issues of disability and chronic pain, and the need to normalise mobility aids, joins the mission to improve the quality of life of people living with pain, their families and carers.

“I am delighted to join Painaustralia as a Pain Champion,” says Ms Moss. “Pain impacts millions in our communities, and for me, as a lived, personal experience.”

Ms Moss adds that she is dedicated to make information on chronic pain more accessible and that she is “dedicated to push for real change” and “improved public understanding of the experiences of those with chronic pain”.

According to the Co-Chairs of the Parliamentary Friends Group, Senator Wendy Askew and the Hon David Smith MP, the announcement is an exciting addition to the formal launch of the Friends Group by the Governor General, His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd).

“Tara Moss will be a brilliant advocate as we help to raise awareness of the challenges faced by more that 3.37 million Australians living with sometimes complex chronic pain conditions daily,” says Senator Askew.

Mr Smith adds: “Recognising the impact that chronic pain can have on ourselves, our loved ones and our community has never been more important.

“As we face unprecedented health challenges, many people living with pain are not accessing the services they need to manage their pain.

“Not only will prioritising pain as a national issue benefit our healthy system, reduce lost productivity and other financial costs, it can make a real impact on people’s mental health and quality of life.”