Flo baby loved by mums!

Australian parents have voted Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray as the top baby health product again.

Parents submitted their nominations via Tell Me Baby, Australia’s largest independent review site of baby and mum products.

Flo Baby was rated the easiest spray to use because it can be sprayed at any angle, particularly useful for wriggly babies.

Paediatric studies show that a blocked or runny nose in premature babies and newborns can often be caused by nasal airway obstruction associated with rhinitis, viral upper respiratory tract infections and sometimes milk/soy allergies.

“Clearing the nose is very important for young infants because they only breathe through their nose for the first few months of their lives,” says Medical Director of ENT Technologies (manufacturers of the Flo range), Dr Sam Barbalatt.

“This means a blocked or runny nose can cause many problems when it comes to a newborn’s sleep and feeding, not to mention the knock-on effects for new parents.”

Marketing Manager of the Flo range Deborah Clemens says, “The TMB review process follows strict criteria to ensure that the testimonials are genuine and helpful. We’re really chuffed that parents have nominated Flo Baby yet again and recognise it is an effective and gentle way to help their children breathe easier.”