Exercise opens the door to healthy skin

The business of looking after skin is lucrative the world over, but has enough attention been given to the benefit of exercise for skin?

Lia Mahogany, pharmacist at Tamworth Discount Drugstore in NSW, says cardiovascular exercise and other forms of exercise should get more attention as they can do wonders for the complexion as well as provide a sense of wellbeing and a better functioning heart and lungs, strengthened bones and muscles, and more brain power.

Nutritionist, health guru and author of superchargedfoods.com Lee Holmes agrees, saying exercise positively affects cardiovascular blood pressure, blood sugar, muscle tone and cholesterol and skin detoxification.

Ms Mahoney especially points to the circulation that comes from exercise, which increases blood flow, repairs damage and makes for firmer muscle tone that shows itself in firmer skin.

“Generally anything that promotes healthy circulation will keep skin looking healthy and vibrant but if someone has a dermatological conditions like acne, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema they need to take special care when exercising because overheating won’t be good for these skin conditions,” commented Ms Holmes.

Circulation is also where the skin’s role as a detoxifying agent can be acknowledged as perspiration or increased blood flow to the dermis sweats out toxic materials, which improve skin texture and tone.

Negatives of exercise for skin

Vasodilation, which occurs when blood vessels widen due to exercise, can also trigger inflammation, which, in combination with a higher body temperature, can aggravate conditions such as rosacea. In fact anything that promotes blood flow to the skin can bring with it a red tinge to the skin, says Ms Mahoney.

She also points out that excessive perspiration as well as the build-up of oil, dirt and bacteria on skin can lead to acne as well as an acne-like eruption called folliculitis because of clogging of the sweat glands and body hair follicles.

Ms Mahoney concludes that pharmacists should use their unique positions in the community to hold conversation with their patients and customers in that way helps them optimally with their skin conditions compared to “immediately becoming problem solvers following some brief background”.

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