LiverWELL celebrates World Liver Day


LiverWELL, a liver health celebrates World Liver Day on 19th April, a day dedicated to recognising the remarkable role of the liver in maintaining our overall health.

The liver is the second largest organ in the body and performs over 500 crucial metabolic functions. However, increasingly the prevalence of metabolic risk factors like diabetes and high blood pressure is contributing to significant increases in liver disease and liver cancer.

The good news is that if diagnosed early, liver disease is treatable, and liver cancer can be prevented.

Dr. Paul Gow, a leading gastroenterologist based in Melbourne, emphasises the connection between liver health and overall well-being. He explains, “Elevated insulin levels contribute to various diseases, including heart disease, dementia, stroke and diabetes. Faty liver is a clinical sign of elevated insulin. Prioritising liver health can lead to a life free of the diseases that so often cause premature death in the western world”.

Elaine Montegriffo, LiverWELL’s CEO, emphasised the organisation’s dedication to liver health awareness. “LiverWELL provides education, support, and resources to prioritise liver health. We aim for all Australians to feel informed and empowered, making healthy lifestyle choices to improve overall health. By adopting a Mediterranean diet, exercising, and managing weight, individuals can take control of liver health and live their best lives,” affirmed Montegriffo.

Bella Simon, a liver transplant recipient and LiverWELL Lived Experience Speaker, states “As someone who has experienced liver disease and a transplant at age 20, I understand the vital importance of having a community that can support you. LiverWELL’s focus on building awareness and support around liver disease will have a significant impact on affected individuals and families.”

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