Meet pharmacy assistant Ashley Jackson of Chempro Group

In the December issue of Retail Pharmacy Assistants magazine, we visited Coomera City Centre Chempro, north of the Gold Coast, and spoke with pharmacy assistant Ashley Jackson about her career highlights, challenges and tips for working in pharmacy.

How long have you been working for Coomera City Centre Chempro?

I’ve worked within the Chempro group for four years, and at Coomera City Centre for the past year and a half as a pharmacy assistant.

Do you have a background in pharmacy?

I’ve worked at five different Chempro stores over the past four years. Each store is so unique and different. There are no two stores the same. In my experience, each store has a different community to serve, in one way or another. I’ve learnt something different at each store that I’ve [worked] at, and thoroughly enjoyed my time at these stores.

Is pharmacy a career pathway you’ve always been passionate about?  

From a young age, I’ve always been passionate about helping others, and pharmacy was the first pathway shown to me, once I graduated from school, that I could fulfil this passion with. Through working in pharmacy, I’ve been able to help the community in ways that have made an impact on people’s lives.

What do you enjoy most about working in pharmacy?

Working in pharmacy has led to lifelong friendships and experiences I’d never have thought of if I hadn’t taken the job in the first place. Pharmacy has helped me fulfil my passion in a way that I can help people and provide solutions to customers that they’re looking for.

Over the years in pharmacy, I’ve made some great friendships with customers and have witnessed profound health transformations for many regular customers.

With the amazing team I have behind me, I know that every customer who walks through the doors will [be] approached and treated with respect and guided in ways to benefit them and provide them with the best experience possible.

What are some of the highlights in your career so far?

The lifelong friendships and connections that I’ve made over the years are something that I won’t take for granted. Pharmacy has brought me out of my shell and had me doing things that I’d never expected. Being a part of a team that’s supportive and that guides you to your full potential is the bonus of working in such a great environment.

What is one thing you think all pharmacy assistants should remember while working?

That a simple smile can change the rest of someone’s day. Taking the time to listen to our customers can have such a positive impact on how our customers leave our store. Showing people empathy, respect and compassion are priceless. Take pride in your job. At the end of the day, a great pharmacy assistant is one who listens and takes the time to get to know their customers.

What are your plans for the future, and does it involve pharmacy?

Pharmacy has been a massive part of my life since graduating from school and I’ll be forever grateful for the experience and knowledge that I’ve acquired over my time in pharmacy.

My future plans consist of me graduating from university in June 2022 with my bachelor’s degree in education, and pursuing my passion within the education sector – giving my students positive experiences within their education and providing them with lifelong experiences. Until I graduate, I’ll continue to work within pharmacy, providing a positive experience for each customer that walks through the door.

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