Managing bites and stings in the pharmacy

Media Release

February 11, 2020

Patients presenting with stings and bites are a common occurrence in many community pharmacies.

These bites and stings often are no more than a little irritating, but sometimes they can cause allergies and infections.

Pharmacy assistants are likely to encounter customers who have experienced a bite or sting.

The pharmacy assistants are in a position to assess for serious consequences, while managing any associated discomfort.

Guild Learning and Development has launched a new online course for pharmacy assistants called “Managing bites and stings”.

This module focuses on preventing and managing bites and stings in the pharmacy.

This module uses the Ask, Assess, Advise protocol to help pharmacy assistants respond to customer queries.

To enrol in this course please visit

Please contact Guild Learning and Development on 1800 049 056 or email for more information.

This activity has been approved for 45 minutes of QCPP refresher training.

Source: The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.