What’s up with Australia’s pharmacy workforce?

Interested pharmacists can access the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s latest quarterly data on Australia’s pharmacy workforce.

The data shows that at September 2020 there were 34,580 registered pharmacists compared to 32,035 in the year prior. Of these 31,794 had general registration, 1,801 provisional registration and 970 non-practising registration.

Pharmacists numbering 1,952, which comprise part of the short-term pandemic response sub-register, were included in the number of pharmacists holding general registration.

Registered pharmacists numbering 6,964 were in the 30-34 year age group, the largest demographic group.

Registered pharmacists numbering 1,721 were aged 25 years and under, and registered pharmacists numbering 1,209 were aged 70 years and over.

Females predominated in the registered pharmacist category at 62.7%, with the highest number in ACT at 66.4% and the lowest in Tasmania at 59.7%.

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