Heart Foundation’s Christmas Appeal

This year’s Heart Foundation Christmas Appeal highlights the value of research into the fight against heart disease, including heart attack.

According to National Heart Foundation Group CEO, Adjunct Professor John Kelly AM, research is key to finding treatment.

“A find example is the work being done by Heart Foundation Vanguard grant recipient, Professor Kaz Negishi, who is investigating a new technique to improve the emergency response to a heart attack,” he said.

“Professor Negishi’s research could eventually lead to more people… surviving a heart attack. It could prove particularly important for rural and regional Australians.”

The work being undertaken by Professor Negishi includes setting up clinical trials to determine if a new technique will make fibrinolysis – the method where drugs are injected to dissolve blood clots, and typically used in patients who can’t access a centre for stent therapy – work better.

Over the past 60 years research funded by the Heart Foundation has helped make significant advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

This includes the invention of the pacemaker, the setting up of coronary units, improved cardiac rehab, and effective treatments for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

To donate to the Heart Foundation Christmas Appeal to help fund vital research, visit: heartfoundation.org.au/christmas-appeal.