Guys, there is no shame in the skincare game

In addition to being able to (possibly) grow a beard – there are a number of other differences between a man and woman’s skin.

Therefore, a male should purchase skincare products based on their specific necessities.

Retail Pharmacy Assistants magazine November explored the skin conditions that some males may face, and as for a resolution? It wouldn’t hurt for a lot of guys to up their skincare game.

The key differences:

  • Androgen (testosterone) stimulation causes an increase in skin thickness – which explains why a man’s skin is 25 per cent thicker than a woman’s.
  • Texture is also tougher.
  • After puberty, a male’s sebum (oil) production is greater – this means that men have longer lasting acne.
  • Men have a higher collagen density – therefore, the skin doesn’t age as quickly a woman’s (Dermalogica, 2017).

What should a skincare routine look like for a male?

  1. Cleanse: washing too much can ruin the skin’s natural oils. Wash every night before going to bed to get rid of dirt and pollution. If the skin is quite oily – a hot towel can be used to clean the face.
  2. Repair: oxidative stress relates to the body’s negative reaction to harmful things like air pollution, cigarette smoke, industrial chemicals and UV rays. An antioxidant serum, like vitamin C is helpful to reduce damage, and should be applied before moisturiser.
  3. Moisturise: follow up the antioxidant serum with a moisturiser that contains at least SPF 30. If skin is dry, then use a light-weight SPF moisturiser before bed (Healthline, 2018).

To read more about men’s skin health, click here to view the November issue of Retail Pharmacy Assistants magazine.




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