Youth Chat Champions Sustainable Development Goals

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The new multilingual platform advances global goals by promoting well-being, reducing inequalities, supporting sustainable communities, and fostering partnerships.

In a move to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), not-for-profit YouthChat has revealed its text-based mental health support service. The initiative targets the SDGs of good health and wellbeing, reducing inequality and sustainable cities and communities, through providing young people with confidential and free social support. The service is available in 135 languages. By offering support in 135 languages YouthChat makes mental health support for young people more inclusive and accessible.

Youth chat provides support for a number of issues that young people may face including mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, social stressors such as drug use, vaping and smoking and also other issues such as sexual health, sexual identity and body image.

David Hayes, Founder of Youth Chat, states, “Youth Chat’s mission aligns closely with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We recognise the critical role mental health plays in achieving overall health and well-being (SDG 3), and we are committed to reducing inequalities (SDG 10) by ensuring our services are accessible to all young Australians. Our efforts to support those in need of housing and shelter reflect our dedication to sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11), and we believe in the power of partnerships (SDG 17) to amplify our impact.”

Youth Chat is more than a mental health service; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive, supportive, and sustainable future. Through its innovative use of technology and commitment to multilingual support, Youth Chat is breaking down barriers and opening new avenues for mental health support and social inclusion.