Lynx Australia Embraces a Wild Bromance with Aussie Icon, Nedd Brockman!

Lynx Australia has announced a two year partnership with Nedd Brockman. Nedd Brockman completed a run across Australia that raised over $2 million dollars for We Are Mobilise, a charity for people experiencing homelessness.  Starting on TikTok with a series of captivating content featuring a revealing Q&A session that captures the essence of Nedd’s personality and showcases Lynx Africa. Nedd will call on all Lynx Africa fans to get involved in the fun by simply sharing the Lynx effect firsthand on TikTok, with the chance to win a dazzling $30K cash prize.

Lynx and Nedd have also jointly designed limited edition Budgy Smugglers featuring the famous Lynx GOAT. All profits from the sale of these limited-edition Budgy Smugglers will be generously donated to We Are Mobilise.

Commenting on this new bromance, Nedd expressed his excitement,
“I’m pumped to be partnering with Lynx, and having them come on board to support me and my mission to support those less fortunate than ourselves. I’m all about working with people who are like minded, and I love the energy of Lynx and the fact that they are backing me over the next couple of years – it also helps that I’m a massive fan of the product and have been using it for years! I’ve loved working with the Lynx team on the campaign, including the Budgy Smugglers collaboration, and I can’t wait to see what people post for the competition. Lessgooo!”

The jam-packed Lynx Africa GOAT campaign was strategically designed to engage the next generation of Lynx enthusiasts by reinforcing the message that “Lynx Africa is the greatest fragrance of all time.” Making its official debut in July this year, the campaign utilised a
multi-platform approach, reaching audiences across various channels such as Snapchat, TV, YouTube, VEVO, Outdoor (retail and transport spaces), Meta, TikTok, and a 2-hour interactive Twitch custom livestream.

In addition to its digital presence, the campaign made waves on Spotify and in-store Lynx Africa-scented POS displays.  Lynx Africa also plans to roll out impactful Out-of-Home and shopper advertising placements featuring Nedd himself, further enhancing the brand’s relevance by making a lasting impression on Lynx lovers of the next generation.

Senior Marketing Manager for Lynx, Anna Tracey says,
“Nedd and Lynx are the perfect fit; he is full of enthusiasm, has a great sense of humour and is determined to make a difference – what’s not to love? We are thrilled to have him as part of the team. Nedd has accomplished incredible things, and we cannot wait to see what’s next for him and how Lynx can support him.”

This collaboration signifies the start of an enduring partnership. It’s not merely a one-time campaign, with Lynx also sponsoring Nedd’s next race in 2024, further demonstrating their ongoing support for his incredible journey.