Gr8 Health founder earns industry acclaim

Queensland online business founder figure Sam Godfrey has been named as the nation’s leading light in health retailing.

Mr Godfrey, who is the founder of Southport-based health products retailer Gr8 Health, was named as the natural and healthy living industry’s Retail Leader at the Naturally Good Awards held in Sydney.

The award, which is sponsored by retail world, recognises a leader who has made a significant contribution to the retail landscape, finding innovative new products, and championing the organic, health and natural sector.

Mr Godfrey said he was elated to be recognised for his contribution and that of his Gr8 Health team.

“Our focus is on building ways to better help people to find products that make them healthier and happier but to win a prestigious national award is an honour and shows we are making a difference,’’ he said.

“Gr8 Health provides an extensive range of quality, natural and organic health and beauty products through its online store. All of the products we offer promote healthful and sustainable living for the individual, community and environment.

“We also place a special effort on supporting products that are locally manufactured.

Mr Godfrey said when he launched the business in 2018, he never dreamed it would grow to be so successful.

“The purpose of Gr8Health is to help individuals achieve optimum personal health and wellness by providing the information, products and advice they need to take charge of their own health,” he said.

“Our key target market is women aged between 25-45, although we are now diversifying into the men’s health market. Young women are tech savvy and health conscious, so we offer them more than 3000 products to suit their individual needs and wants.”