Dr Vincent warns: Work from home creating obesity epidemic

Aussie health and wellness expert warns lack of incidental exercise causing weight gain across the nation.

Can’t leave the house because the kids are unwell, or you are waiting for a delivery, or the dog just can’t cope with you leaving and walking out the door without him? No problems. According to Dr Vincent, undertaking exercises at home can be more beneficial than going to the gym.

Dr Vincent, is a highly respected food scientist, clinical nutritionist, health and wellness expert and founder of Renovatio Bioscience. Renovatio Bioscience is a well-known health and wellbeing brand that produces the popular range of activated phenolics supplements, pantry items and skin care products made from 100 percent Australian apples.

Dr Vincent provides his top tips on exercising at home.

“Low impact exercise is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise you can do.  It reduces pressure on your joins and encourages you to use gravity and your imagination to achieve movement,” Dr Vincent said.

“Doing 30 minutes per day of chairobics will not only see you building up a sweat, it will also burn off calories at a sustained rate.

“Chairobics is simple. Whether you are sitting at your desk, or at the table, find a robust chair with back support that you can use as your apparatus.

“Here are a few exercises that I do and they work well. Sit on the seat of the chair with your torso upright and your feet planted firmly on the ground. Wrap a mini-band around your legs just below your knees. Push your knees away from each other and then back together again. You should feel this in the small muscles on the side of your butt. Try several sets of 10 reps.

“Another of my favourite chair exercises is the seated crunch. For this, sit on the seat of the chair with your torso upright away from the back of the chair. Place your feet firmly on the floor about hip-width apart with your arms up and your fingertips behind your head, elbows pointing out to the sides. Raise your left foot off the floor and bring your right elbow toward your left knee by twisting your torso. Touch your right elbow to the left knee if you can and squeeze your obliques while you are rotating and crunching. Repeat the same motion with the left elbow and right knee. Try several sets of 10 reps.

“You will find many more exercises online that you can undertake on your chair. They are great for burning fat.”


“Cleaning the house is boring, but you can make it work for you by becoming part of your low impact exercise regime,” Dr Vincent said.

“When vacuuming do lunges. These are a great way to give your legs a good workout. Start with a few and gradually increase so that you are doing at least 50 on each leg. When washing up dishes at the sink, do calf raises.

“When putting pots and pans away in the cupboards, use the items to undertake pot curls and arm lifts. You will be surprised how many calories you can burn simply putting these common cooking items to good use.”


Dance around the house
“Yes, dance. Put some music on while you are cooking dinner, ironing or putting the kids toys away. The kids will love it and so will your dog. Get energetic and bust some moves. Wiggle your hips and wave your arms around. Dance like no one is watching,” Dr Vincent said.

“Try and dance to a few songs, up to 10 minutes. This will ignite your core and get your metabolism going. It will also work your muscles and joints in a low impact way.”

Help your metabolism
“Make sure you are supporting your health and wellness with good clean food such as green vegetables and lean white meats. Add a good quality multivitamin, fish oil and activated phenolics to your daily regime. Activated phenolics are the most powerful natural antioxidants in the world and they protect cellular health and reduce the capacity for free radicals to damage your body,” Dr Vincent said.

According to Dr Vincent, increasing movement while doing daily activities around the home can help to burn lots of calories.

“Incidental exercise is one of the most important forms of calorie loss. Incidental activity is any activity built up in small amounts over the course of the day. Physical activity is a major factor in preventing and reducing the risk of many health conditions. It is also important for weight loss.”