Cincotta Discount Chemist, part of the Ventura Health group, is proud to announce they have chosen the Humpty Dumpty Foundation as their charity partner.

Cincotta Discount Chemist will be generously supporting the Foundation’s mission of ensuring every Australian child has access to the healthcare they need, no matter where they live.  This partnership represents a true extension of care from hospital to community.

The partnership was officially announced by Ventura Health Group Chief Executive Officer Mario Capanna B.Pharm and Humpty Dumpty Foundation Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Claire Reaney, at the recent Ventura Health Unify Expo in front of franchisees, suppliers, retail managers, pharmacists and Ventura Health representatives.

Cincotta Discount Chemist’s support of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation will ensure lifesaving medical equipment and healthcare initiatives are provided to sick babies and children across the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

By partnering with the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and its far-reaching footprint in hospitals and health services, Cincotta Discount Chemist’s franchisees and key suppliers will be giving back to the communities in which their stores and customers reside.

The first piece of many pieces of equipment to be donated as a result of this partnership will be to support the Special Care Nursery at St George Hospital in New South Wales with a Symphony Breast Pump.  This piece of equipment will ensure the health and wellbeing of infants in the community with long-lasting benefits extending throughout childhood and beyond.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.  We did a lot of research to find a charity that truly aligned with our corporate values and that strives to assist some of the most vulnerable people in our community. I look forward to working closely with the Humpty Dumpty Foundation to provide the medical equipment needed to give unwell infants and children improved health outcomes,” said Ventura Health Group Chief Executive Officer Mario Capanna B.Pharm.

“The support for our critical mission at the Humpty Dumpty Foundation continues to come from far and wide – we are pleased to be welcoming Ventura Health and Cincotta Discount Chemists to our Humpty family.  We are thrilled that this partnership will continue the extension of care from hospital to homes and communities.  The generosity of Ventura Health and Cincotta Discount Chemists will undoubtedly create positive life-changing outcomes for children and their families,” said Humpty Dumpty Foundation CEO, Claire Reaney.