HUGGIES Australia launches nappy innovation

Some of the goals of parenting a newborn are to keep baby healthy and safe, well-nourished and free from irritation, including skin irritation. Speak to any parent of a newborn and they’ll tell you, skin irritation will not only increase the chances of baby being irritable but also decrease the chances of a good night’s sleep for parents!

In fact, new research polling 1000 Australian parents with children aged 0-5 years old has found that baby skin irritation, such as nappy rash, is the number one concern for almost two in three (62%) parents, followed by sleeping (53%) and feeding (49%).

Understanding this need to protect baby’s skin and keep it from irritation, well-known nappy brand, HUGGIES has revolutionised the nappy category with a first-of-its-kind innovation – the new HUGGIES Newborn and Infant nappies, which include a zinc-enriched layer clinically proven to help protect baby’s delicate skin from irritation.

The new HUGGIES Newborn and Infant nappies actively help protect baby’s delicate skin with a zinc-enriched layer, which comes in addition to the trusted comfort and absorbency consumers know and love.

“The environment in a nappy is the perfect recipe for skin irritation, which can be distressing for babies and make nappy changes uncomfortable,” says Dr Deshan Sebaratnam, paediatric skin dermatologist engaged by HUGGIES.

“Dermatologists have been using zinc-based barrier creams for
decades to help protect baby’s skin from irritation, as well as help re-establish the barrier function of the skin.”

Gabrielle Davidson, Kimberly-Clark ANZ Marketing Director adds: “As a mother of two, I know first-hand that newborn baby skin obsession is not an exaggeration and the amount of effort parents go to protect their baby’s delicate skin.

“At Huggies, we want parents to feel confident when it comes to protecting their baby against skin irritation.

“That’s why we’re extremely proud to launch Australia’s first zinc-enriched nappy designed in Australia for Australian babies, providing better-than-ever protection on top of the trusted comfort, breathability and absorbency we’re known for.

“We’re certain this innovation will help give parents peace of mind when it comes to baby’s delicate skin, so they can savour every precious moment with their newborn.”

The new HUGGIES Newborn and Infant nappies are available at participating retailers across the country from RRP $22 for bulk packs.

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