Fixx Nutrition launches new range of all-natural supplements

Australian all-natural sports nutrition brand Fixx Nutrition is celebrating the launch of new flavours for its FIXX Gel X Pro range in time for the 2024 Gold Coast Marathon held on 6-7 July.

Known for its all-natural, vegan-friendly and gluten-free range of products, Fixx Nutrition is building a global reputation for the efficacy of its nutritional supplements that support sustained athletic performance.

This emphasis on all-natural products using “only natural ingredients, twinned with the transparency of what is used in each Fixx Nutrition product”, has made the brand a favourite for amateur and professional athletes alike.

According to Fixx Nutrition co-founder Jan Buchegger, all Fixx Nutrition products use an all-natural formula with a clear focus on providing consumers surety around ingredients, so they clearly know what they are consuming – this adherence to quality doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have a little fun with the new range of ingredients.

“Our FIXX Gel X Pro range is specifically developed to improve athletes performance with an all-natural formula of carbohydrates, sodium and alanine to provide runners with a highly effective, dual-energy source; the new flavour combinations provide the rare element of choice and exciting combinations,” Mr Buchegger said.

“These all-natural flavours include exciting combinations with and without caffeine, including Vanilla-Maple, Raspberry Fizz, and Pear Cider, and represent a major point of difference from its often bland sports supplement competitors. This new range will be launched as part of the 2024 Gold Coast Marathon celebrations, an event that will see Fixx as the Official Sports Nutrition partner.”