First pharmacy technician observer appointed to the SHPA Board of Directors

On Australian Pharmacy Technician Day (October 17), the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) has announced the appointment of a new pharmacy technician observer for its Board of Directors and established a pharmacy technician and assistants working group to help fast-track career development and recognition through the newly launched Australian and New Zealand College of Advanced Pharmacy (ANZCAP).

Pharmacy technician Tara Clayson-Fisher will be joining the SHPA Board of Directors in an observer role with Constitutional change scheduled to take place in 2024 to embed an elected Technician Director to the Board.

SHPA President Tom Simpson says these announcements, under this year’s theme of ‘Choice, recognition, leadership,’ further entrench SHPA as a truly inclusive organisation that embraces the entire pharmacy profession.

‘SHPA’s membership spans pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants working in every practice setting across Australia. Pharmacy technicians have unique skills and a diverse career path, with ever-increasing uptake of advanced roles in dispensing, compounding, and medication reviews.

‘As scope of practice rises for pharmacists, it is vital that pharmacy technicians and assistants see their scope broaden too; and SHPA will be a key partner in the education, development, and recognition programs that underpin their practice.

‘A quarter of a century ago, SHPA embraced pharmacy technicians and assistants as members, followed by full voting rights seven years later, and eligibility for Fellowship in 2019.

‘It’s time to formalise their key perspective, infusing SHPA’s strategy with the voice of the entire profession and we are delighted to welcome Tara as the Pharmacy Technician Observer to the Board. A key figure in driving the expansion of pharmacy technician roles over the last decade in South Australia and Tasmania, the Board welcomes the valuable perspective Tara will bring to our organisation as we embark on its next stage of transformation.’

Mr Simpson says national technician leadership and new recognition pathways are timely with the ANZCAP Foundation Program now launched.

‘Professional recognition will only become more important as the healthcare sector looks to expand technicians’ scope of practice, which is why our newly launched ANZCAP program will extend recognition to pharmacy technicians and assistants in 2024.’