Dettol addresses hand hygiene for kids

New research from Dettol highlights the gap between awareness and action when it comes to hand hygiene practices among children.

While most surveyed parents and teachers (95%) recognise the importance of handwashing, only one in five children always wash their hands after play, or after sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose.

According to the respondents, 60% of children wash for 15 seconds or less, well below the recommended 20-plus seconds.

The study revealed opportunities for further education on the importance of handwashing after specific activities, says Dettol, such as touching pets or faces/mouths (67.4% and 91.4% respectively don’t always wash hands after).

Delving deeper into the reasons children miss out on handwashing, the study found that ‘forgetting’ (67.2%), ‘wanting to keep playing’ (44.9%), or ‘not thinking it’s necessary’ (30.9%) are the most significant reasons children skip the sink.

In response to these findings, including that more than 50% of surveyed parents/teachers think that a role model being involved would be most effective to help their child remember to wash their hands, Dettol has partnered with The Wiggles to help make handwashing fun.

To help do so, the Australian entertainers have released a new song, ‘Wash Like The Wiggles’. This song and accompanying dance routine transform handwashing education into an enjoyable experience, making it easier for children to learn and adopt proper hygiene habits.

Dettol has also launched two new Kids Colour Foaming Handwashes in collaboration with The Wiggles. Designed to foam with bright colours, the new range is hoped to help make children eager to wash their hands for longer. The range is available now in Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, Amcal and some pharmacy stores for RRP $4.99.