Victorians urged to take care of one another during lockdown

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While the last lockdown remains fresh in the memories of many Victorians and with the latest five-day snap lockdown potentially triggering to some, the Australian Red Cross is urging the community to take care of one another over the coming days.

“The [lockdown] will be very difficult for a lot of people, particularly those who found previous lockdowns quite challenging,” says Australian Red Cross Victorian Director Sue Cunningham.

“It’s absolutely normal to experience anxiety and frustration with another round of restrictions, but reminding ourselves that staying home will stop the spread of this virus puts it in perspective.”

Ms Cunningham adds that controlling the controllable should be “the major focus”.

“What is it that you can do to feel in control? It’s a time to think about things you enjoy doing, whether it’s putting together a Lego set with your kids, reading a novel you’ve been waiting to read or cooking a meal you’ve always wanted to eat.

“People should try to reduce the amount of stress they have. This is not a time to boost your productivity and begin major personal projects that are on your to-do lost.

“Be kind to yourself, and to others,” she says.

Victorians who are feeling isolated and vulnerable are urged to “reach out and talk to someone about it, as those feelings can escalate quickly”.

Anyone feeling isolated, lonely, vulnerable or in need of extra support should call the Covid Hotline on 1800 675 398.

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