Victorians encouraged to eclipse ‘mask breath’

While Victorians remain under strict lockdown measures and wearing masks is mandatory, Mars Wrigley Australia, together with oOh!media, is helping fight ‘mask breath’.

The Eclipse mints campaign, ‘Freshen up behind the mask’, takes a light-hearted approach to address the common problem – bad breath – that may be exacerbated by face masks.

“People in Victoria are battling through some very tough circumstances, so it’s good to see the Eclipse brand promote some practical advice in a positive manner,” says oOh!media Chief Sales Officer, Tim Murphy.

“This campaign will help people get over the ‘mask breath’ issues most of us have experienced during the past few months and provide a bit of levity at a stressful time.”

Portfolio Director Gum & Mints at Mars Wrigley Australia, Michelle Gazzola explains that the Eclipse brand is all about helping you keep your breath fresh to increase self-confidence and the ability to open up and build connections – it’s about looking after yourself.

“Wearing a mask is no fun, so we wanted to be cheerful and help people,” she adds.

Oral care important during lockdown

The launch of the new campaign is a timely reminder to reminder all Australians to look after their oral health, despite the pandemic.

At Retail Pharmacy Assistants we’ve previously reported on the increasing prevalence of tooth decay and gum disease among Australian adults – also known causes of bad breath – with the trend worsened by the current pandemic.

Even during the current pandemic, it’s important to remember to see your dentist regularly.

The Australian Dental Association recommends the following oral health practices health practices to keep your teeth in top shape:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • Floss daily to remove bits of food stuck between the teeth.
  • Reduce sugar intake – most adults still consume far too much sugar. The World Health Organisation recommends limiting sugar to no more than six teaspoons (24 grams) a day.
  • See you dentist regularly.

More information on managing oral health during Covid-19 can be at: