Talking diabetes!

Have you ever considered how you talk about diabetes?

Well, according to Diabetes WA, the way we talk about diabetes can lead to stigma and shame, which can be damaging for people living with the condition.

Experts say that 52% of those with diabetes have experienced diabetes-related stigma, feeling blame and shame for having the condition.

So, it’s time to consider how we talk about diabetes.

Diabetes WA CEO Melanie Gates says conversations should be built around listening to the lived experiences of those with diabetes.

Often messages about diabetes centre around the thought that diabetes can be prevented, says Ms Gates, which is “only true for some types of type 2 cases”.

“This is simply not true for people with type 1 diabetes as it’s an autoimmune disease,” she says.

“Nobody chooses diabetes,” says Ms Gates. “Nobody is to blame for having diabetes.”

“Don’t assume you know what it’s like living with diabetes. Don’t assume you know better than someone with diabetes.

“Let’s try not to judge other people for what they might or might not be doing to manage their diabetes.”