Supplement space dominated by women

New data out from Roy Morgan reveals that, while the overall purchasing of vitamins, minerals or supplements has increased over the last four years, women are dominating the buying market.

The data shows that 8.42 million Australians age 14 years and over (39%) buy vitamins, minerals or supplements sin an average six months, up from 7.95 million four years ago.

“Keeping healthy has never been more important than during a global health crisis that poses a greater risk to people suffering from potential comorbidities and general poor health,” says Michele Levine, Roy Morgan’s Chief Executive Officer.

Of the 8.42 million Australians purchasing supplements, the data shows that women comprise the bulk of the vitamin, mineral and supplement buying market.

The data reveals that 4.88 million women (46%) are buying these products compared to only 3.36 million men (33%).

These trends hold up from men and women of all ages but in particular for Australians aged 25 years and over.

“Over 45% of women aged 25 plus buy vitamins, minerals or supplements and this rises at least 50% for women aged 35-49 and 50-64,” says Ms Levine.

“In contrast, the high watermark for men is the 40% of those aged 35-49 who buy these goods – a full 10% points below women of the same age.”

Moreover, according to Ms Levine, the buyers of vitamins, minerals and supplements tend to be more health conscious and follow certain dietary lifestyles, including dairy-, gluten- and additive-free, along with following a low-fat diet.

Places of purchase

In addition to buyer characteristics, the Roy Morgan data also reveals that in terms of places of vitamin, mineral and supplement purchase, Chemist Warehouse is the clear standout as the first choice for people buying these products.

More than 45% of people buying vitamins, minerals and supplements go to Chemist Warehouse, up from 39% four years ago.

In comparison, just over 23% buy these products at Priceline/Priceline Pharmacy, TerryWhite Chemmart, My Chemist or other chemist/pharmacy. This is down from 27% four years ago.

“When it comes time to head to the shops to stock up on vitamins, minerals and supplements, Chemist Warehouse is increasingly the store of choice – now used by 45% of buyers of these products, up from 39% four years ago – and far ahead of alternative outlets,” says Ms Levine.

Other places of vitamin, mineral and supplement purchases, include:

  • Supermarkets (28%);
  • Healthy food stores/service stations/convenience stores/ department stores (9%).