Rise in suitable jobs for people with mental health conditions

There’s been a significant difference in number of jobs available for those living with mental conditions, pre-Covid to now.

Research from atWork Australia shows a 52% rise in people finding work during September, compared to March this year.

“In Victoria, we are seeing the biggest number of roles that are relevant for our clients with mental health conditions, since the start of Covid-19,” says atWork Australia, Employer Engagement Consultant, Cheryl Stevens.

“These range from opportunities for baristas and kitchen hands, to warehouse pick packers and supermarket delivery drivers.”

It’s predicted that this positive trend will continue following announcements from Australia Post, Dan Murphy’s and BWS, that they plan to hire thousands of people in the lead up to Christmas, which are well suited to people living with mental health conditions.

Ms Steven continues, “People with mental health conditions often suffer an associated lack of self-belief, low confidence and social anxiety, which we coach them on the help find sustainable employment.”

Businesses play a crucial role, when it comes to supporting those with mental health conditions. Additionally, mental health is taking a huge toll on those unemployed at the moment.

“The pandemic has pressed fast forward on the growing rate of mental ill health, with research showing that these conditions are at least twice as prevalent as they were in March 2020,” says Ms Stevens.

“With World Mental Health Day around the corner on the 10 October, there is an opportunity for businesses to review how they are tackling this issue.”

Other aspects that businesses can focus on when it comes to supporting those with mental health conditions is, creating inclusive workplaces – research shows that 90% employees with disability, injury or health conditions are as, or more, productive than their peers.

For more information, please visit atworkaustralia.com.au/des.