Optimising gut health helps to prevent antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a worldwide problem that is only expected to increase over time. If not addressed, up to 10 million deaths annually are expected from antibiotic resistant infections by 2050.

The development of resistance is mediated by the interaction between the normal flora of the human gut (the microbiota), antibiotics and pathogenic organisms.

Disruption to the normal flora of the gut has been shown to interfere with the immune system, and promote the development of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains.

Antibiotic resistance is commonly prevented by judicious antibiotic use, and avoidance of overuse.

With the increased understanding of the influence of the gut microbiota on the development of antibiotic resistance, the use of probiotics has emerged as a key strategy to prevent resistance.

Guild Learning and Development, in partnership with Metagenics, has developed an online course on this topic titled Optimising gut health helps to prevent antibiotic resistance.

Guild Learning and Development would like to thank Metagenics for its  financial and subject matter expertise assistance in developing this module.

This course provides education on the complex interplay between the gut microbiome and general health, as well as the influence of a disrupted gut microbiome on the development of antibiotic resistance.

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