Mental health and suicide prevention committee calling for input

A select committee on mental health and suicide prevention has reportedly been established, its aim to consider a range of strategic reviews of the current mental health system, and whether the recommendations are adequate to address the fallout from the bushfires and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Committee will reportedly begin its inquiry by reviewing the findings of the Productivity Commission Inquiry Report into Mental Health, the Report of the National Suicide Prevention Office, the Victorian Royal Commission and the National Mental Health Workforce Strategy.

It will then assess the experiences and successes of mental health and suicide prevention stakeholders, including grassroots services through to international initiatives.

It’s said the Committee is accepting written submissions addressing one or more of the terms of reference and invites individuals and organisations to share their views with the Committee.

Individuals and organisations who wish to share their views with the Committee are required to do so by the 24 March 2021 deadline.

For information on how to make a submission, visit:

The Committee is also expected to hold hearings as part of this inquiry so that it can hear from people who have relevant experience or expertise in mental health and suicide prevention.

The dates and locations for the Committee’s hearings will be published on its website:

“While the bushfires were catastrophic, it was the emergence of Covid-19 that has changed everything,” says the Chair of the House of Representatives Select Committee on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, Dr Fiona Martin MP.

“Over the last year, Covid-19 has had a significant effect on the mental health of many Australians through increased isolation, job loss and financial stress.

“In addition, there has been a reduction in access to face-to-face mental health services, with many changing to telephone support models, while crisis organisations and suicide prevention services experience higher demand.”

Important to note: The Committee is unable to intervene or provide advice in relation to individual circumstances. Those in immediate danger are advised to contact triple zero (000).

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact one of the following services: