Managing asthma with digital technology

Over the past two decades, digital technology has transformed the way healthcare is provided and experienced.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for more change as new ways are found to provide safe and quality healthcare.

Asthma, a common condition with little-to-no existing digital support options, is an ideal condition where technology can be used to enhance management.

Guild Learning and Development has partnered with Respiri Limited to develop a new online Continuing Professional Development accredited module titled, ‘Extending asthma management using digital technology’.

Respiri Limited is the developer of ‘wheezo‘, an innovative asthma management solution designed to assist asthma patients with the management of their condition.

This module looks at the burden of asthma in Australia and the unmet challenges in managing the condition, particularly in children.

It discusses how digital technology can be used to improve patient outcomes for people with asthma through the use of patient apps, telehealth, and devices such as wheeze detectors.

To enrol in this course, visit Guild Learning and Development can be contacted on 1800 049 056 or email