Kids challenged to take the two-minute teeth test

Did you know that one in three children don’t brush their teeth often enough and that more than 26,000 Australians under 15 are admitted to hospital to treat tooth decay every year

In response to this, Australian oral healthcare company, Caredent, is challenging children to take the two-minute teeth test – to take two minutes to brush their teeth; every day, twice a day.

Caredent recommends children brush their upper teeth for one minute and their lower teeth for the next time.

Launching their new portfolio of ‘kid-proof’ toothbrushes – ‘Caredent Kids’ ­­­­– the brand seeks to make brushing fun, to educate children on proper brushing techniques and to help achieve consistent quality oral care.

Caredent Kids range

The ‘Caredent Kids’ range includes:

  • The new Cosmic toothbrush. It comes with a unique two-minute LED flashing light timer, easy-grip handle, soft compact head and suction cup for hygiene. Available in purple and blue for RRP $5.00.
  • The Starlite brush. It comes with a one-minute light up timer. Children are encouraged to press the button and brush their top teeth, then press the button once more to clean their bottom teeth, learning to take the time to care for teeth effectively. The brush comes in bright yellow, pink and orange for RRP $5.00.
  • The Sparkle Kids brush. This is the original brush in the ‘Caredent Kids’ range. It comes in six vibrant colours and a matching two-minute timer for $5.99.

Caredent’s partnership with the Starlight Foundation

Both the Cosmic toothbrush and the Starlite toothbrush have been created to recognise the long-term partnership of Caredent with the Starlight Foundation.

The ‘Caredent Kids brushes are available from selected pharmacies and from