Hearts4Heart and Australian Eggs partner to promote heart health

Hearts4Heart and Australian Eggs have partnered up to raise awareness and tackle misinformation surrounding egg consumption and heart health.

Managing Director of Australian Eggs Rowan McMonnies said there’s a natural alignment between a diet rich in wholefoods and cardiovascular health.

“We are pleased to join forces with Hearts4Heart, and a key component of our partnership is helping Australians prevent or manage risk factors for heart disease by providing education and advice on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle that incorporates eggs as part of a balanced diet ,” Mr McMonnies said.

“We know there has been misinformation surrounding egg consumption and heart health in

the past. This partnership continues our efforts in sharing the positive contribution of eggs as one of nature’s superfoods.”

“Eggs contain 13 essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies need to function. As well as this, eggs contribute to a healthy heart, immune system and provide us with the energy levels we need to tackle everyday life.”

“Eggs are also an excellent and affordable source of whole protein for Australians,” he said.

Tanya Hall, CEO of Hearts4Heart says Australians’ daily habits can greatly impact the risk of Cardiovascular disease (CVD).

“Positive lifestyle behaviours such as healthy eating, regular exercise, limiting alcohol consumption, and smoking cessation can lower cardiovascular risk factors,” Ms Hall said.

“It’s paramount that Australians understand the relationship between these behaviours and their correlation with CVD risk.

“By partnering with Australian Eggs, we hope to further educate healthcare professionals and Australians about heart disease and the simple ways you can look after yourself,” she said.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines does not place a limit on the number of eggs people can eat. They can be included as part of a heart healthy eating pattern and are a great protein option. Additionally, eggs also make for a healthy snack option.