Heads Up on Diabetes

Did you know that according to Diabetes Australia almost 50% of people with diabetes have experienced mental challenges in the last 12 months and that more than a third report feeling burnt out by managing diabetes?

Diabetes Australia points out that diabetes distress, anxiety and burnout are real complications of diabetes.

The daily burden of living with diabetes can be relentless and it’s important for people with diabetes to talk about the impact that diabetes has on not only their physical health and wellbeing, but their mental and emotional wellbeing too.

In light of this, during National Diabetes Week (12 -18 July 2020), Diabetes Australia has launched Heads Up on Diabetes – a campaign that focuses on the mental and emotional wellbeing of people living with diabetes.

As part of the Heads Up on Diabetes campaign, during National Diabetes Week Diabetes Australia is “offering people with diabetes the opportunity to have a confidential, informal discussion over the phone with a professionally trained psychologist” – “the important thing to know is that support is available”.

Anyone living with diabetes is encouraged to reach out.

For more information about Heads Up on Diabetes, visit: headsupdiabetes.com.au.

If you would like to book in a free 45-minute session with a psychologist, call 1800 533 774.