Guardian launches Healthy Kids’ Guide

The newly launched 20th anniversary edition of Healthy Kids’ Guide will be available on the Guardian Pharmacy website and in selected Guardian pharmacies.

Developed with insights from Guardian pharmacists, the free annual resource offers helpful and easy to understand information about kids’ health to assist parents in identifying and managing common health concerns in their children, ranging from head lice and worms to nutrition and acne, amongst other common ailments.

One Guardian pharmacy owner, Martin Douglas of Albert Park Guardian, comments that initiatives such as this, facilitate his team’s ability to maintain meaningful relationships within the local community, at a uniquely grass-roots level.

“Each year we welcome the guide as a helpful, handy tool to share with the local school and parents about what to expect with the back-to-school rush so that parents are more attuned to the potential ailments their children may experience throughout the year,” says Mr Douglas.

“Supporting the community is an important part of owning a Guardian Pharmacy and long-standing programs such as The Healthy Kids’ Guide allow us to offer free and easily accessible expert advice to our network of customers, at a local level.

“The guide not only speaks to Guardian’s ambition to uphold local community values but encourages parents to visit the pharmacy which means we can readily provide the advice and care they require for their entire family’s needs,” says Mr Douglas.

Since launching in 2001, the Healthy Kids’ Guide has continuously adapted to healthcare needs of Australians; beginning as ‘The Bug Book’ that identified symptoms of common school bugs, to now an established, yearly handy guide for parents that covers a wide range of conditions, ranging from pre-pregnancy to teen health.

According to the Head of Guardian Pharmacy, Kurt O’Brien, the longevity of The Healthy Kids’ Guide is just one example, in a long list of many, of the ways in which Guardian’s national network of 100+ pharmacies support their local communities to bring Australians the most reliable and relevant health advice, in digestible and engaging formats.

“Over the past two decades, our success of The Healthy Kids’ Guide has continued to grow and adapt to the needs of our customers, by never resting on our laurels,” says Mr O’Brien.

“Through frequently refreshed formats, evolutions in the content of our advice and an overall commitment to understanding the changing behaviours in the healthcare needs of Australians, we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate an initiative of this kind which has thrived for 20 years and will continue to do so for decades to come.

“Following a hard 12 months for our industry with more changes on the horizon to come, we’re delighted to see the community response to this year’s guide already and continue to play our role in supporting Australians as more turn to their local pharmacies for trusted advice and healthcare support,” says Mr O’Brien.

Healthy Kids’ Guide is just one of the many initiatives on the agenda for Guardian Pharmacy in 2021, with aggressive local expansion plans and a restrengthened focus on other community initiatives, including its yearly Guardian Angels Knitting program coming out later this year.

 To get a copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Healthy Kids’ Guide visit: