Aqium Hand Sanitiser partners with 13cabs

In a move that aims to ensure that taxis are a safe and hygienic mode of transport, Aqium Hand Sanitiser is set to become standard issue for the 13cabs fleet across Australia.

13cabs Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Overell says that given their “drivers provide an essential service to communities across Australia” throughout the pandemic, it was important for the company to implement strategies to “ensure 13cabs vehicles [are] safe and hygienic”.

“We established new protocols for cleaning and rolled out a massive driver awareness campaign,” says Mr Overell.

According to Ego Pharmaceuticals Managing Director Alan Oppenheim, Ego Pharmaceuticals who manufacture Aqium Hand Sanitiser “are thrilled to partner with 13cabs on their exciting new initiative”.

“We all know how important it is to encourage good hand-hygiene, which is why you’ll be able to find Aqium’s hospital-grade, gentle-on-the-skin hand sanitiser in all 13cabs nationally for passengers and drivers to use.

“Our Aqium antibacterial hand sanitiser has been trusted by Australians for 20 years to effectively kill 99.99 per cent of germs fast, without the need for water,” says Mr Oppenheim.

Mr Overell adds that this partnership is “taking hygiene to the next level”.

“The Aqium and 13cabs partnership is a wonderful example of Australian companies working together,” says Mr Overell.

Vehicle Sanitisation Hubs

In addition to this new partnership, 13cabs drivers reportedly have access to Vehicle Sanitisation Hubs and are well-versed in Health Department Guidelines to keep themselves and their passengers safe.

“Our drivers were already impressed with the initiatives that we put in place at the beginning of the pandemic, including our Vehicle Sanitisation Hubs.

“They continue to feel supported with further resources that allow them to go on working in a safe and confident way.

“Our drivers are pleased to have access, free of charge, to Aqium’s high quality product for both themselves and their passengers,” says 13cabs Head of Driver Engagement, Olivia Barry.